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August 27, 1982  12:10pm

8 pounds, 1 ounce

& 20 inches long

Wife of 1, Mother of 2, Sister of 4, Grandmother of 2,

Aunt of 9, Godmother of 1

      Once I was asked what I wanted in my future; I quickly responded I was going to Marry an Italian Man, do something in a business field and have 2 Children ( 1 Girl and 1 Boy)
      Fast forward about 18 Years later and that is exactly where I am today. Married to an amazing Italian Man. He has owned his own business for over 30 Years which I have been working with for the last 13 Years and we now as of this year have 2 Beautiful children Brianna our daughter 11 Years Old and Nicola Paolo our Son 1 Year Old.

Meet The Team


Cassandra Dawn Timpano

August 27, 1982


Brianna Timpano

November 5, 2008


Nicola Paolo Timpano

September 8, 2019


4 Generations

4 Generations

My Grandmother • My Mother • Myself • My Daughter